The LAW is over 2 months old!

Family picture

This is the Clan of Weebork on August 7th, one week before The LAW turned 2 months.

The LAW is 2 months

The LAW turned two months on August 12th.



This is a picture of the little one earlier today (August 18th).


Hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures!


Baby Weebork, a.k.a. The LAW update

The LAW turned one month on Tuesday, July 12. She is now 9 pounds 6 ounces and is 21 inches long. The doctor says she’s doing very well. The doctor and nurses must have something special about them because the babies in the waiting room and exam rooms were very calm, I really enjoy taking the little one to that particular doctor’s office.

She’s developing her own little personality and likes to stick out her tongue to communicate. She is a good eater. Lately she has been giving us glimmers of smiles and it’s more obvious when she’s happy. In the last few days she has been more content when “by herself” and awake. Recently I caught her in her crib sticking her tongue out at her stuffed bear and touching its face. And the most exciting development is that she is tracking people and things with her eyes more and more each day.

Of course, as a first-time parent I have been taking a ridiculous amount of pictures and video clips. Here is a small peek at a few of my favorites.

This picture was taken during a short-lived thunderstorm on June 16th- the first morning at home.

thunderstorm and cherries

The following picture was taken on June 21st, she’s wearing one of many “princess” outfits.

LAW's tongue

Taken on July 1st, wearing a “Drama Queen” shirt under that bib. She definitely lived up to the title that evening!

This last picture was taken on July 14th. She’s wearing a cute ruffled tank top and she’s laying on her Alice in Wonderland blanket.

pink ruffles


Baby Weebork

Our daughter, born on June 12, 2011

at 11:42 p.m.

7 lbs. 13 oz.

19 1/4 inches

Delivered via C-section (so I’m still recovering)

Her initials: L.A.W.

One week!

I’m a horrible blogger! I never post anything!

One week until my first child is born! Hope to get back to blogging on a regular basis.

It’s been a year?!

A lot has changed since last year. I can also say that a lot has stayed the same.


  • Mother’s location
  • Brother 1’s location (many times)
  • Brother 2’s entire life
  • Stepdad’s status
  • Place of residence
  • Friends
  • Frequency that I see said friends
  • Art forms
  • The husband now has a college degree
  • Car that I own
  • Hairstyle

Stayed the same:

  • Work
  • Economy
  • Mother’s shenanigans (a.k.a. midlife crisis)
  • Still have a car without A/C
  • Hair color

More changes are going to come up this year. I strongly dislike change. The possible opportunities are keeping me sane. I never thought that the day would come when I would actually have the chance to leave ┬áThe Golden State and head for The Natural State. Oh man… moving to a Red State?! Amazing idea!

I know, vague information, typical of me. Perhaps my next post will actually hold some details in it. In the meantime, I have many things I need to work out before I go around blabbing about it!

Just like a movie…

but far, far worse. Bad things were found out in my family this weekend. Consequences are not-so-great either. Have many things to think through and have many decisions to make in the very near future. I wish none of this happened, but the doer wasn’t thinking. Whole family’s a wreck. Lots of thinking and praying is needed. Lots of bitterness to work through. All roles have been rearranged. Some people are growing up while others are regressing.

Cryptic? Yes.

Will I spell out everything? I can’t, it’s just not fair.

Many people affected? Unfortunately.

Solutions? There are some, but they aren’t the way things are supposed to be.

And nothing will ever be the same.

The Aftermath

I have now seen what a Starbucks store looks like after it closes. The store now has brown paper in the windows, or that’s what I saw one week after it closed. It has now been two weeks since my beloved first Starbucks has closed. I miss my coworkers. I wonder if corporate misses us. Ha, just kidding!

We had a great party on closing night. Afterwards, after much searching, we went to a restaurant to hang out. It’s quite possible that a few people may or may not have had adult beverages. We took lots of pictures and had tons of fun. I have seen a handful of these fellow coworkers since and have worked a shift at one of the stores they have transferred to. I pass by one of the stores to and from work and I eagerly look for my coworkers’ cars.

Somehow, despite missing my old store and my former coworkers, I have found less stress at my new store. I work at a drive thru now and it can be pretty exciting during the busy times. When there aren’t customers around we have a great time talking about random things and doing rather ridiculous things. Ironically, there is going to be a new store opening up close by, let’s say it’s a stupid move. This new store is going to be drive thru only according to an ad I saw at my store; however, I heard that it might have a walk-up window and that would be a beneficial feature.

Oh, regarding less stress at my new store, this may be due to the fact that I have yet to run an entire shift where I am the actual supervisor. This may greatly change in about 12 or so hours when I’m actually working. By the way, closing so much later than at my old store is messing up my sleep schedule. I have always been the type of person to stay up late most nights, but I also like to sleep. It takes me a few hours to wind down from working. It’s after 3am and I’m finally getting to the point where I’d be comfortable and relaxed enough to sleep.

I have so much more to say about everything else in my life, but I shall save that for my next post. Let’s hope that post comes soon!

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