Baby Weebork, a.k.a. The LAW update

The LAW turned one month on Tuesday, July 12. She is now 9 pounds 6 ounces and is 21 inches long. The doctor says she’s doing very well. The doctor and nurses must have something special about them because the babies in the waiting room and exam rooms were very calm, I really enjoy taking the little one to that particular doctor’s office.

She’s developing her own little personality and likes to stick out her tongue to communicate. She is a good eater. Lately she has been giving us glimmers of smiles and it’s more obvious when she’s happy. In the last few days she has been more content when “by herself” and awake. Recently I caught her in her crib sticking her tongue out at her stuffed bear and touching its face. And the most exciting development is that she is tracking people and things with her eyes more and more each day.

Of course, as a first-time parent I have been taking a ridiculous amount of pictures and video clips. Here is a small peek at a few of my favorites.

This picture was taken during a short-lived thunderstorm on June 16th- the first morning at home.

thunderstorm and cherries

The following picture was taken on June 21st, she’s wearing one of many “princess” outfits.

LAW's tongue

Taken on July 1st, wearing a “Drama Queen” shirt under that bib. She definitely lived up to the title that evening!

This last picture was taken on July 14th. She’s wearing a cute ruffled tank top and she’s laying on her Alice in Wonderland blanket.

pink ruffles