Let me recap this past year:

In January, it was decided that the Husband and I would find an apartment of our own. Luckily, the roommate at the time helped find a great place. At the end of the month we the Husband turned 30! We had a birthday dinner at Claim Jumper with a bunch of friends.

In February, I voted in the California primary election (for Romney), the next day he dropped out of the race and I was devastated. I didn’t want to talk or hear about politics. I was promoted to shift supervisor and began my training. Later that month, my Dad and brother came to help us move into our one bedroom apartment.

March marked our first wedding anniversary, unfortunately that was finals week, so we had to celebrate a little later.

In April, we were really busy with school.

In May, I was still busy with school, yet I had the opportunity to celebrate the “nephew’s” 3rd birthday. I ended the month with a visit to the Simon Wiesenthal Center (Museum of Tolerance). This was probably my 4th visit, but as always I learned a lot.

In June we were invited to my coworker’s graduation party, and I couldn’t believe she’d soon leave to start college. For some strange reason, I was on a frozen yogurt kick, I blame the heat. After we were out of school, we headed to Las Vegas to meet up with the Husband’s parents. As hot as it was, it was nice to see the family. I got a fake tattoo while I was there.  At the end of the month, we had a birthday dinner for our friend who also turned 30 this year.

Fourth of July was spent with our friends and family in the lovely beach town. At the end of the month we spent time with our nephew for his birthday at Chuck E. Cheese.

August: My brothers visited for a few days and we took the to Donut Man on the way home. A week later the Husband and I went to a tattoo parlor as support for my coworkers; one got a tattoo and the other got her tongue pierced. Random event: a corvette drove through the window of a Starbucks! We received free tickets to Disneyland!

September: Republican National Convention! Our friend’s daughter’s birthday and my Mom’s birthday! I had two birthday dinners! Maybe it was three birhtday dinners?

October: An American Carol. Birthday dinner for the sister-in-law. The sister-in-law and her family lost their home in the Sylmar fire. 21st birthday dinner for a coworker. No trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

November: Visits to my parents’ increased because gas prices went down. Deep-fry party with friends. Voting. My brother turned 18. New location for church. Thanksgiving at Grandma’s. Thanksgiving Revisited at with friends.

December: End of the fall quarter. Dad’s birthday. Christmas Eve with friends and family. Christmas at Grandma’s. My brother turned 14.

What a year!


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