When it comes to the mainstream media (MSM), I have very low expectations. This is because “they” (MSM) are not objective in their reporting. I stopped watching television when I moved out of my parents’ house, so watching television is very different to me now. Watching the news is pretty painful because the Democrats (and/or Liberals) are celebrated and the Republicans (and/or Conservatives) are torn down. I have a few examples of the bias that the MSM has shown and responses to the bias.

“Did Gibson have a double standard for Palin” by Ed Morrissey

“The latest Sarah Palin smear from the Left: teen molester” by Ed Morrissey

Here is a link to a Washington Times article by Jon Ward that discusses Newt Gingrich’s view on the MSM and Sarah Palin.

This article is one I have to think about, but I’ll post the link anyway. Telegraph article. Perhaps I’ll update my opinion later.


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