Speaking my mind

I live in Southern California. I have to tread lightly when I voice my opinions. I have to be careful about the environment I’m in when I do choose to speak.

Why do I open up with that? I have spoken up about my political views once in my college career. I was excited that I got to vote in my first Presidential election in 2004. Imagine my surprise when a conversation started (the day after the election) before class about voting and I mentioned who I voted for and that I supported the war. My teacher went crazy on me! I was so blind-sided by her attack that I started crying and left the class. What teacher does that?

As a future teacher, I would hear out the students and not give my two cents because that’s not my place! I don’t care if she’s a college level educator, she has no room to say anything hinting to her views.

Back to the story: I called my boyfriend at the time (the Husband now) and my classmate was calling me too. She came and found out where I was to hang out with me while I calmed down. We decided not to go back to the class. However, other classmates decided to find us and get us to come back. My friend (Linda) said that she had defended me after I left (because she was also shocked at the time). We both went back to the classroom and the teacher offered this:

“I’m sorry if you were offended or hurt.”

Who gives conditional apologies? I either apologize or I don’t.

I lost all respect for that teacher and just put up with her class to get a good grade. I’m pretty sure I got an A in that class in the end.

So, as much as I want to scream from the rooftops that I’m a Conservative, I really am scared of being verbally attacked in public without someone else on my side. Call me a chicken if you want, I just think I’m trying to preserve my sanity.


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