What guys shouldn’t wear.

I have been thinking about this post for a few weeks and I will continue to perfect it. So here it goes:

In no particular order, these are things guys should never wear, or own.

  1. Tank tops
  2. Socks with sandals
  3. Shorts that fall above the knee
  4. White socks with dress shoes
  5. Fluorescent colors
  6. Birkenstocks
  7. Tight shirts
  8. Most earrings
  9. skinny jeans
  10. their girlfriend’s jeans
  11. white belts (unless they are in martial arts, and only in the karate studio/dojo)
  12. eyeliner
  13. makeup in general
  14. headbands or sweatbands
  15. brightly colored or extremely patterned shoes
  16. overly patterned pants
  17. most necklaces

More will be added in the near future, I hope.



School’s back in session, so I’ve come to a stand-still with posting. Okay, there’s more to the story.


  1. Last weekend I was celebrating my birthday
  2. I got a cold during my birthday celebrations
  3. I started school and it’s taking up a decent amount of time
  4. Work is making me exhausted
  5. I’m still working on one of my post ideas
  6. This weekend the birthday festivities continue
  7. For number 6, I will be at my parents’ house and their wireless connection died

All seven excuses lead me to say that I hope to post something on Tuesday.

First Dude, Todd Palin

Cheap shots from the media! Are people really so backward that they think that a woman cannot lead without her husband pulling the strings? Whatever happened to empowered women that make their own way? Why is it that a conservative woman can’t be considered part of the feminist movement?

Let me take the time to actually analyze an article, that’s a change for me! The article comes from CNN’s website and its titled, “Todd Palin: ‘first dude’ or ‘shadow governor?'”

First excerpt:

One of those lawmakers is Lyda Green, a Republican and state Senate president who is not friends with the Palins.

“I had a meeting I requested with the governor. … I was particularly surprised that Todd was there. I had never seen a spouse stay in the room through the meeting.”

By merely attending meetings (as mentioned in the article), how does the media go and say that Mr. Palin controls his wife’s decisions? You know, I’m impressed that he is involved with his wife’s work. However, involvement does not mean he has his hand in Governor Palin’s business. Another thing I find interesting is how they mention that Lyda Green isn’t “friends with the Palins”. Really, who cares!

Here’s a second quote from the article:

The campaign also confirms that Todd Palin has taken two trips with state commissioners to survey Alaskan mines and one to survey part of the proposed route for a natural gas pipeline, his wife’s top goal. The state paid for those trips, according to the campaign, because they were considered “state business” since Todd Palin is trying to expand Alaska’s work force.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t he involved in the oil industry? Wouldn’t this mean that it would be beneficial that he attends these trips so that perhaps he can give his view of what this all means? After all, I think it is a good idea that he goes with his wife, then he can break down the pros and cons.

Alright, that’s about enough out of me! Hope you enjoyed my rare spurt of text =)

Red and black

I just can’t get away from the flame-like form. It comes to me easily, I guess. Enjoy!

Blue, but not a donkey.


Drawing with markers makes me very light-headed, but I enjoy creating things.

New shirts; Update!

The first shirt was ordered from cafepress.com and designed by TG Studios. The second shirt is from zazzle.com.

Update on 9/17/08: I wore the red Palin shirt to a restaurant and got a thumbs up from a woman there. Not at all what I had expected around here (SoCal). Also, to clear up any misunderstanding, I did not design these shirts. The two links above (cafepress and zazzle) lead to the sites that I purchased the shirts from.

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