Gustav and RNC

I am praying for those that have evacuated and hope that everyone will be fine. I like that there is organization and preparation this time around. Let’s hope that this will just be a storm and everyone can go back home soon.

I can’t wait until the Republican National Convention begins. I am looking forward to the coverage and plan to post about my thoughts as I analyze the articles, posts, commentary etc. I am most looking forward to Palin and McCain’s acceptance speeches, well, I am also hoping that they will be able to make appearances.

No matter what, the Republicans and Conservatives are going to come off looking a lot better this week than the Democrats and Liberals did last week.

Alright, my brain isn’t functioning properly, I had another early work day today. I’m looking forward to writing better posts this week.

Have a great Labor Day and keep those in the Gulf Coast in your prayers!



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