Let’s see if I can stay on the ball here.

I have had many blogs in the past and they usually fizzle out. I hope that I can keep posting here because I usually have a lot to say. Of course, as a first post, this is not coming out as great as I had hoped- I blame that on a lack of sleep or from getting up early for work. If you think you wake up early… I get up just before 3:30am  for the weekdays I open the store and before 4:30am for weekends. Two guesses where I work.

On another topic, perhaps I can use this sight to display some of my “artwork”. I use quotation marks because it doesn’t seem all that hard to do to me, but maybe someone out there will enjoy my stuff. I’ve heard that the stuff I “draw” would look great on t-shirts. Maybe I’ll get my name out there =)


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