Gustav and RNC

I am praying for those that have evacuated and hope that everyone will be fine. I like that there is organization and preparation this time around. Let’s hope that this will just be a storm and everyone can go back home soon.

I can’t wait until the Republican National Convention begins. I am looking forward to the coverage and plan to post about my thoughts as I analyze the articles, posts, commentary etc. I am most looking forward to Palin and McCain’s acceptance speeches, well, I am also hoping that they will be able to make appearances.

No matter what, the Republicans and Conservatives are going to come off looking a lot better this week than the Democrats and Liberals did last week.

Alright, my brain isn’t functioning properly, I had another early work day today. I’m looking forward to writing better posts this week.

Have a great Labor Day and keep those in the Gulf Coast in your prayers!



What I do when I’m bored

Just a few flames

Just a few flames

Palin as VP

I originally supported Romney as my Presidential pick. After he dropped out of the race right after the California Primary I wasn’t too sure what I would do at that point. I wasn’t too fond of McCain and I’m still unsure of him now. However, Obama is not as intriguing as he once was, but I never seriously considered voting for him.

Yesterday’s announcement that Sarah Palin was picked as the Vice Presidential candidate was very interesting to me. I had only heard Palin’s name over the last week. I usually don’t pay much attention to what is said about politics because it gets repetitive and I usually get the point after a few minutes. Anyway, after I saw Palin’s name come up a few times while chatting on Hot Air during The Ed Morrissey Show, I looked her up. She has a great story and her beliefs and positions on issues are solid. I now know more about her than I learned about Romney.

So, I am excited that Palin has been chosen and from the bits and pieces of her speech that I heard, I like what she has to say. On Rush Limbaugh’s show on Friday/yesterday, I enjoyed the montage of Obama’s empty promises (I will’s) and other ‘I’ statements. Then they played clips of Sarah Palin’s speech which was completely opposite of Obama’s usual speeches. Imagine that, Palin talks about what she has actually done and what she can bring to the table. Palin’s energy is refreshing and stirs up a lot of excitement for me.

McCain and his camp have made a very wise decision. I’m totally amped about voting this November.

Catch ya later!

JeiDub a.k.a. MrsWeebork

Let’s see if I can stay on the ball here.

I have had many blogs in the past and they usually fizzle out. I hope that I can keep posting here because I usually have a lot to say. Of course, as a first post, this is not coming out as great as I had hoped- I blame that on a lack of sleep or from getting up early for work. If you think you wake up early… I get up just before 3:30amĀ  for the weekdays I open the store and before 4:30am for weekends. Two guesses where I work.

On another topic, perhaps I can use this sight to display some of my “artwork”. I use quotation marks because it doesn’t seem all that hard to do to me, but maybe someone out there will enjoy my stuff. I’ve heard that the stuff I “draw” would look great on t-shirts. Maybe I’ll get my name out there =)